Rhythm of Easter decor crafts

What comes to your mind first when you plan to decor your home for Easter? House full of baskets filled with chicks, egg, rabbits Chocolates? But as the days changes there comes new and unique ideas of Easter Decor crafts for your home for Easter day.

We can also think of adding some personal touch to the ornamentation of our home on an Easter day with Easter Decor crafts. Let us jot down the ideas and the items that we can gather to create a festive ambiance of Easter in our home. Making an Easter decoration is not very complicated, just have good ideas! 
The rhythm of Easter dances with the arrival of spring. Naturally it should be painter with the colors of spring. Lilac, pale pink, yellow, green and any of the colors (a pastel tone would be wonderful!)  that we think represents the presence of spring. The ambiance should have a proper reminiscence to the nice weather. The natural representations which talk about the liveliness of spring- flowers, birds, trees and any other things that allied to the garden and nature. On this premise of spring and nature, you can think of limitless idea of decorating your home on an Easter day with so many Easter Decor crafts.   

Easter flavor on Sweetmeats

Easter and Christmas without cupcake is absurd. Why not bake cupcakes and decorating them with Cadbury mini eggs? Muffin cups are available in your nearest store. You just need to have a personalized touch of eggs and may be ornamented with beautiful ribbon. And for color, here also the pastel tone would be the best choice.


Decorations for the table

On the Easter day, it would be our table that is the key place to project the atmosphere of Easter mood. A welcoming, well-ornamented table would create the festive vibe of our guests. Linen napkins with personalized touch of rabbit embroidery, pleasant square markings inserted into the foliage and positioned in a white ceramic egg-maker in the center of the plates and many more ideas can be planned.

Recreate the tradition of Easter eggs

Egg is the traditional sign of Easter which should be like omnipresent while decorating our home on an Easter day. But whimsical arrangements and monotonous presentation is something that could ruin our festive mood. We would suggest that the eggs should give a more conventional looks with rustic touch and original flavor.

As per the ritual and tradition we can empty the egg and paint it with the color inspired by the spring .The patchwork can also let you turn your “cocos” into an exact work of art with more composite patterns and preferred colors.

Once cleaned, let us crack the shells to the third. Then we can put in some water and let flowers or succulents pass. We can use the egg carton to place them on the table.
We can also place the painted eggs in a transparent vase before slotting in a garland of flowers.

Spring arrangement

The part and parcel of your Easter decoration is spring and eventually comes the issue of flowes. Beautiful arrangement of flowers can add something special to the whole environment. And Why should we forget about the smell!

We suggest you to get an advice from your neighboring florist or a Nursery for the choice of flower that goes to the wall color and overall arrangement of your home. We can propose you to think of some kinds of flowers that are particularly appropriate for beautifying your Easter bouquets:  








Simplicity is the best

Our opening points are the twigs to which we hang the Easter eggs. A rustic touch should be a priority along with metal watering and gorgeous transparent vase. Now some flowers on the vase and we are done with the decoration.

Wicker nests and green moss are very fashionable and user-friendly items as a starting point for giving your centerpiece a nice formation. You can also think of collections composed of chicken coop (in the form of mesh available in different colors and finishes). Here again, we can use the eggs and even insert some feathers to remind that a chicken has passed by.

Whatever you plan to do, it must be of about having fun and peace. It’s your home! Color it with the inspiration of spring and Easter!  

Happy Easter!

A little note
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